David Pearl      Catrin Jones     Dan Linn-Pearl



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Catrin Jones, Dan Linn-Pearl and David Pearl are a video, sound and light installation artist team,

collectively entitled ‘Immersion’.  

Film, music, sounds and lights have been co-ordinated to create a unified experience for the children’s hospital new hydrotherapy pool.

The programmes are evocative of the natural world; using colour, light and sound.

Rather than being watched like a film, the intent is to create an immersive environment.

Much like being by the sea, or in a forest,

they inspire different moods of relaxation, or stimulation, appropriate to the nature of the therapy required.


There are three programmes:


‘Fields of Colour’ is a lively animation video, a celebration of rich, living, moving colour,

 intended to be playful and fun.  Colour is very stimulating to the eye and mind, and lifts the spirits. 

Here is a painting happening as you watch; an immersion in the joy of colour, combining subtle, quiet phases and more adventurous moments of action.  

The music correlates abstractly with the visual element, and is inspired by the classical arrangements used by Disney and Warner Brothers cartoons.


‘In the Forest’ is intended to evoke the restorative experience of time spent in the woods, with flowers, trees, streams and birds.  

The film traces the unfolding seasons, beginning with early spring, progressing through summer and culminating in the autumn. 

Within the overall atmosphere of the changing light which flickers through the leaves,

and the sound world of insects and birds which surrounds and embraces us, beautiful details can be distinguished.  

The ambient music combines soft piano motifs and other musical instruments, and is blended with bird song and an amazing array of natural sounds.


‘Reflections’ plays with the enchanting, almost mesmeric, experience of watching water.  

Water mirrors its surroundings, and this altered perception can create a beguiling and attractive view of the world around us. 

The film shows colours and shapes reflecting in water, and is an echo of the water in the hydrotherapy pool. 

It is intended to recreate the relaxing, immersive experience of floating, and of enjoying its elemental beauty and movement.  

The music focuses on the sound of water droplets that begin as organic sound, and evolve into percussion to form the rhythm.

The temperament is warm and comforting, yet lively. The track also uses a variety of other musical and sound effects, including whale song.